Let's talk about the Duck T shirt

If we had a quid for every time somebody asked us 'but why the duck?' then we'd be absolutely minted, but (sadly) we aren't so lucky. Instead, here's a quick little piece on our popular Duck T shirt.
The Alternative Store Duck T Shirt.
First things first, where exactly did the Duck come from? We'd absolutely love for that to be a nice simple answer, but in all brutal honesty, we're not 100% sure. Ducky started off its' life in the Store on our caps and got a great reception from you guys, so in response to that great reception, Ducky migrated onto the T-Shirts you see in the Store today. 
As we entered Autumn and the summer sunshine started to be replaced by the cold, Ducky got a bit chilly and migrated onto our sweatshirts, hoodies and beanies, even our Duck has to stay toasty in the colder months!
.The Alternative Store Duck T Shirt
All jokes aside though, for us the Duck is one of those designs that we just love. Obviously it has ties to people in Sheffield saying 'ey up duck' as a greeting, but it's also a really cute design that we feel adds a nice variety to The Alternative Store.
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