Meet the team - Stu

Hey, I'm Stu and I'm the founder and owner of The Alternative Store!
If you've ever been in the store, you've probably met me over the years (and believe me it has been some years, 30 of them now to be exact!), I love nothing more than chatting to customers new and old, it's always a pleasure. 
For me, The Alternative Store started over 30 years ago when I did my business degree in Nottingham. I was sponsored by a big conglomerate, which I could have used as a 40 year career until retirement. After uni, I went travelling to Central America and honestly, being amongst the jungles and temples of Guatemala was incredible. I ended up extending my trip more and more, at which point I realised the 40 year 9-5 wasn't for me. For me, this was a pivotal life moment where I chose my path. (fun fact, this is what inspired our Choose Your Path T-Shirt!)    The Alternative Store is therefore built upon the idea of freedom, time and adventure. 
Outside of the store I'm a family man, spending time with my wife and kids is one of the greatest joys in this world. I'm also big into snowboarding, so I try and get out to the slopes whenever I can! I also love adventure, exploring new places and making memories. 
As the founder and owner of the store, my role is pretty varied, but I (at least like to think) that I do the general guru things. Obviously I have visions and ideas of where I see the store going, so I'm behind a lot of the creative direction in the store, whilst also doing more of the backroom stuff such as sourcing, organising and the boring stuff like finance. 
If you're ever in the store, come have a chat (although in all honesty I'll probably start a conversation with you before you get the chance :D), hopefully see you down the Store! 
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