Our celebrity visit...

A while ago, we had a special visit from a couple of friends of ours. So join us as we talk you through when the ducks came to visit! 

 So as the title suggests, some ducks came to visit us last week. So to set the scene, it was a humble Wednesday afternoon here in Sheffield and to our surprise, looking out of the shop window, there were two ducks just waddling on by on the opposite pavement!

The Alternative Store Ducks

Now for some context, if you've been around our part of Sheffield, you'll know that Devonshire Street where The Alternative Store is very urban, being two minutes from the city centre. The popular Devonshire Green is just down the road from us, but realistically there are no bodies of water anywhere near the Store. 

In spite of this, the ducks were here and we're not complaining about it. If you know us, you'll know we love ducks. We've made a Duck t-shirt, a Duck hoodie, a Duck sweatshirt, Duck caps and Duck beanies, essentially we're big fans!

The Alternative Store Duck Beanie

So as we watched on, the ducks waddled away down the opposite side of the street, but (evidently having seen the Duck merch in our window) then crossed over to our side and came waddling in front of the Store, had a quick look and went about their day.

Having posted it on our Instagram, some of our customers and various Sheffield pages have sent us photos of the same ducks in a fountain nearby! 

The Alternative Store Ducks

Have you seen the Ducks about town? If you do, take a photo and send it our way or tag us up!  

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