Our Chips & Gravy T Shirt

The Alternative Store Chips & Gravy Design

When we're asked what our most popular designs are, our Chips & Gravy design is a consistent favourite, so here's a piece all about it! 

Where better to start than with the inspiration for the design, what actually is Chips & Gravy? For some context for those from outside of the United Kingdom, there is an ongoing debate about what to have on your chips. In areas such as the midlands curry sauce is popular, in some areas mayonnaise or ketchup is the favourite, but up north it's all about gravy and mushy peas. 

Having gravy on your chips is an absolute staple of Northern culture, other parts of the U.K hate it and laugh at us for it, but we don't care. 

Therefore, our Chips & Gravy T Shirt means a lot to us. It represents who we are, where we come from and what we're proud of, and for us that's special. 

Having sold the design for the best part of 20 years, we're incredibly proud of it. We hope you find as much joy in it as we do! 

 The Alternative Store Chips & Gravy T Shirt

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