Our new Sheff Tree Design!

We recently released a new design inspired by our beloved Sheffield, so here's how it came about!

 If you've seen our store, you'll know we love a Sheffield clothing design. So when trying to come up with a new design, we thought we'd look for inspiration within the things that we love and make us proud to be from the Steel City.

Sheff Tree T Shirt

Immediately, one of the first aspects to spring to mind was the trees! Here in Sheff, we're proud of our green space. Packed into our hilly home are over 250 public parks, adorning the seven hills that we call home. Furthermore, there's also 52 square miles of national park within the city (plus more if you venture out into the Peak District!). This article by the University of Sheffield sums up nicely the culture surrounding our greenery!


Another tenet of this green space are the trees.Sheffield has around 4.5 million trees, making it not only the greenest city in Europe, but also giving it the most trees per head too! Our love for them is pretty self-explanatory, trees are just great. 

Sheff Tree Hoodie

Therefore our new design is in honour of the trees of Sheffield, paying homage to them! We've gone for a sleek approach for this one as shown in these Instagram posts (Post 1, Post 2), we hope you love it! 

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