So, our store fell apart...

Last week, we had a bit of a nightmare at our store in Sheffield. If you've been to our store, you'll know the teal and orange frontage, which have been the store colours for years and years now and are pretty synonymous with us.
On Thursday, the store frontage decided to give up the ghost and break, with our shutter also breaking meaning we couldn't actually get in the store, it wasn't ideal we won't beat around the bush here!
Ultimately though, it was out of our control and there was nothing we could have done, plus it was funny seeing people's reactions as they walked past.
Anyway, on the bright side all that happening has inspired us to change the front of The Alternative Store entirely. New colours, a new frontage and a new sign are all on the agenda and we can't wait for you all to see it and as you can see from the picture below, it's coming along nicely already!

Tune of the week

The Snuts - The Rodeo

The Snuts are a Scottish indie rock band hailing from Glasgow. They've had a cult following in Scotland for a few years, but the release of their debut album 'W.L' firmly planted them in the U.K indie scene in 2021. Now, with a second album on the way they're bigger than ever, fresh off the back of a Central and South American tour supporting Louis Tomlinson. 

The Rodeo is a high energy and high intensity belter of a tune. The South and Central American influence is clear to see, with the chorus revolving around vocalist Jack shouting "ole'!" It's a great tune, with a catchy hook and infectious chorus, perfect for festival season. To quote one of the lyrics 'The Rodeo is kinda wonderful', we think that sums it up pretty well.

Loyle Carner - Georgetown (Honourable mention)

Loyle Carner is back and he's back with a bang. Having been on a bit of a hiatus since the release of his second album 'Not Waving But Drowning', Carner has now released two tunes in the last few months and has just announced the release of his third album to boot.

These new tunes have a really nice pacy flow to them that we haven't seen from him before and compliment the funky beats really well. Banger, check it out!

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