The Alternative Blog #1

Hey everyone.

Welcome to the first edition of our new blog!  This is something we've been meaning to do for months, so to finally get the cogs moving feels great, plus hopefully you guys enjoy a bit of behind the scenes and insight into the store! First up, we thought we'd run a meet the team section to allow you guys to get to know us a bit better!


Meet the team: Ben

Hey, my name's Ben and I'm the Design & Marketing Coordinator here at The Alternative Store!

I manage our tech and online side of things, including our website, design and advertising. I also do lots of our photography, but also work with external photographers when we use them. 

I also run our points of contact such as our email, alongside our social media, so if you ever get in touch with us over social media then that's me!

Outside of the store, I'm big into History and graduated from the University of Liverpool with a History degree a couple of years back. 

I'm a big basketball fan, in the NBA I support the Portland Trailblazers, so it goes without saying that my favourite player is Dame Lillard. I also run a team in the Sheffield Basketball League called Crookes Cyclones.


Tune of the week

Heavenly Maybe - Gengahr.

If you've been down the store in the last few months, chances are you've heard us play this tune. It's a great melodic indie tune with a really funky bassline, what's not to like?

Somebody To Love - Ben Kim (Honourable mention)

Sampling the classic of the same name by Jefferson Airplane, this mix by Ben Kim is a bop. Give it a listen


Sheffield History

Next time you're in town, go have a look at the pillars at the front of the City Hall in Barkers Pool. The marks and bits of damage in the pillars are actually from bombs dropped on Sheffield during the Second World War and the marks still remain today, bit mad that innit? 




Thanks for reading this first edition of The Alternative Blog! Let us know if you have any suggestions for segments we can run and keep your eyes peeled for more in the near future! 


Cheers, Ben

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