The current state of Instagram

In case you weren't aware/aren't on Instagram etc, the platform is currently in a bizarre state. With the meteoric rise of Tiktok, Instagram has very much transitioned from a platform that prioritises photography and still image, to one which pushes Reels, their equivalent to a Tiktok.


This means that content traditionally associated with Instagram, be that creative photography, modelling pictures or anything in between, fails to reach the vast majority of your followers due to the emphasis on Reels.


This is then made all the more worse by the downfall of the Home Feed, which has gone from being a place to easily see all the content that your following list has posted, to one filled with sponsored content and recommended videos, making it hard to see the content of those you follow. 


This is all frustrating for us, as along with many other small businesses, we would class Instagram as our primary social media platform. We like to think that our content is enjoyable to look at, with interesting captions and good quality photography. Therefore, to put the time into our content to get it to that level of quality, to have it reach very few of our followers on Instagram, is particularly disheartening. 

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