Women's Euros in Sheffield

With the Women's Euros having just finished, it seems like the perfect time to reflect on just how brilliant it was to have so many games played here in Sheffield.

Firstly, a huge congratulations to the Lionesses who have truly done us all proud, not only winning the Euros but winning it in such a clinical fashion, scoring some incredible goals and conceding only two in the entire tournament. It was an awesome experience to follow their journey.

During the tournament, Sheffield was host to a plethora of games, with Sweden and the Netherlands especially playing multiple games here in Steel City. The atmosphere was incredible, with fans mostly congregating around us on Devonshire street and Devonshire Green, taking over the pubs, cafe's and coffee shops. The buzz this created was great, with the mood around the City Centre being incredibly joyful and upbeat, something Sheffield can often be void of due to a lack of big events in the City. 

The financial benefit this brought to independent stores and businesses in the area was huge. During an uncertain economic period where bills are on the up, inflation is on the rise and prices are increasing, to have an event that supports independent business so heavily was a welcome boost. 

Finally and most importantly, the amount of first time visitors to Sheffield that the tournament brought was immense. Fans of the beautiful game from both the U.K and abroad flocked to our city for a 90 minute match, but left with a new favourite place, realising why we are so proud of it. 


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